This Is Your Ideal Vacation, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Are you the type to go hang gliding in Australia or cozy up for a week-long staycation? The answer is in your stars.As a water sign, Pisces is the one that would be most happy with a tropical vacation. Pisces loves to relax and daydream, so a beach or a cabin by a lake would be ideal. If this sign does feel up to doing some activities while on vacation, kayaking, surfing, or scuba diving are all great choices. Mostly, Pisces just wants to take it easy and get lost in their imagination.

Aries (March 21–April 19)

For an Aries, vacation doesn’t necessarily mean just laying back and soaking in the sunlight. Aries feels liberated by the excitement of activity. They need to get all of their energy out on vacation so they can return to their daily lives refreshed. “Vacations with lots of activities and action will appeal to Aries’ energetic and outgoing nature,” says Sage Goddess astrologer, Dr. Athena Perrakis. “Think an all-inclusive resort with outdoor sports activities in an exotic and warm location, like the Caribbean or Hawaii.” Whether it be wakeboarding or cliff diving, Aries is ready for anything!

Taurus (April 20–May 20)

Whatever type of vacation it is, a Taurus better be treated like royalty. They love to be pampered—but they also tend to feel most comfortable when they’re in a familiar place. “Taurus is something of a homebody,” Dr. Perrakis says, “so for vacations, they like to have their creature comforts.” Still, she adds, “they do feel wanderlust at times and especially if they have a fire sign rising or moon, this will be even more pronounced. A staycation at a beautiful resort, or a lavish vacation to Paris where the hotel will have all of the amenities in place while they explore, will be very appealing to Taurus.” So whether a Taurus stays local for a week or catches a flight to Europe, they absolutely need their spa days!

Gemini (May 21–June 20)

The key to a perfect vacation for a Gemini is to cater to mind, body, and spirit. Gemini love to roam from place to place, so there is really no destination they won’t circle on their map. But the best way for a Gemini to enjoy whatever city they’re in is to get their brain involved. “Gemini is a natural explorer,” Dr. Perrakis says. “The most important thing for a Gemini is to feel intellectually engaged, so trips that include sightseeing excursions with guided tours would be a big hit! A surprise trip to Italy to tour the Uffizi Gallery and view all of Botticelli’s original art? Gemini would say yes, please!”

Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Cancer might be the hardest to get out of the house, but they still need excitement in their lives. If you’re a Cancer and you have a week or two off from work, split it up into blocks of home time and away time. Dr. Perrakis says, “Cancer is another homebody of the zodiac, so while they may sometimes get excited by the idea of travel, they’re not as excited about the actual process of leaving home for very long. Short trips that don’t take them far from home are best; especially ones where they are surrounded by family and friends.” You aren’t likely to find a Cancer backpacking around Europe solo trying to find themselves. Instead, they’ll probably prefer to take the family to Disneyland for a few days.

Virgo (August 23–September 22)

It is very hard for a Virgo to take a real vacation. The mind of a Virgo is constantly working and overthinking. They might be in the most beautiful place in the world, but are blind to the views because they left their brain at the office. “Virgo loves to work,” says Dr. Perrakis, “so with them, you have to watch out that a vacation doesn’t become another task to complete—or that they don’t end up working all vacation long! This means taking Virgo outside of their comfort zone. Parasailing in Barbados? Hiking to ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico?Just kicking back on a beach chair for seven days straight will drive a Virgo nuts. They need to be physically and mentally active.

Libra (September 23–October 22)

Libra is all about culture. They love interacting with other people and becoming a more well-rounded person because of it. The best bet for a great Libra vacation is to hit major cities in other parts of the world. Tropical vacations won’t be as fulfilling for a Libra as touring the breweries of Berlin, for example. “Libra likes to explore and people-watch,” Dr. Perrakis explains, “so take them anywhere you’ll find street-side bistros and cafés full of people and movement: tapas in Barcelona, dinner outdoors in Venice along the canal at sunset on Santorini gazing at the Mediterranean while tourists dance to local music.”

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