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Sweet Ways to Include the Mother of the Bride

No doubt about it—the mother of the bride deserves some serious love. Here’s how to incorporate and celebrate your mom on your wedding day.

In any traditional wedding, the father of the bride has a lot of the main duties: walking the bride down the aisle, giving her away, toasting to her at the reception and sharing the father-daughter dance. But mothers play such an important role in their daughter’s life too! So we love the idea of brides giving their moms an extra moment or two to shine at the wedding—beyond dress shopping and posing for photos. Here are a few easy ideas for incorporating your mom on your wedding day.

Something Borrowed

Sharing your dress shopping experience with your mom is always special, but actually wearing her wedding dress is an amazing way to honor her. If her wedding dress style or size isn’t quite right for you, ask if you can use her dress and work with a bespoke designer to make a custom gown that fuses her original dress with your personal style.

Brooch Bouquet

Instead of flowers, use your mother’s costume jewelry and brooches for a bouquet that’s one of a kind and filled with personal touches.

Tag Team

If you’re close to both your father and mother, why not have both parents give you away? Bring your mom into the mix by letting her join your dad in escorting you down the aisle and handing you off to your groom.

Mom of Honor

If you’re one of the lucky to-be-weds who considers her mother a best friend, ask her to be your matron of honor. Since she’s already been there for all the big moments in your life, why not ask her to stand by your side during your next great milestone?

Show Her Stuff

Does your mom have a beautiful singing voice, bake delicious confections or make stunning floral arrangements? Display one of your mom’s incredible creations or talents to personalize your celebration and honor what she does best.

Wise Words

If your mother has always been there for you with pearls of wisdom and positive advice, give her a few minutes on the mic to make a speech that kicks off the reception with style and grace.

Dancing Queen

Surprise your guests with a choreographed mother-daughter dance. With all that pre wedding rehearsal time, you’ll bond and make amazing memories that are all about the two of you.

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