Alex Turner Feels ‘More Comfortable’ as a Songwriter

Arctic Monkeys star Alex Turner has revealed he feels “marginally more comfortable” as a songwriter these days.

The Arctic Monkeys star has admitted to growing into the role of being the band’s songwriter, saying he has come to feel more and more confident about his music as time as passed.

Asked whether he’s now more comfortable as a songwriter, he explained to Pitchfork: “Certainly more so than when I was 18.

“There was something wrapped up in that word that used to make me uncomfortable, but I’m marginally more comfortable with it now.”

During the same interview, Alex discussed the origins of the track ‘The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip’, which features on their new album ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’.

The 32-year-old frontman wants to be helpful, but as an aloofly charming global rock star, he’s also got a fair amount of mystique to uphold. And throughout our chat, that conflicted calculus seems to be at work during the pauses he takes before answering many questions. He can be thoughtful. And cutting. And spacey. And frustratingly tight-lipped, even on mundane topics, politely declining to specify what TV shows he watches or what apps he uses on his phone. Then again, copping to such trivialities would bring him down to earth, while, more than ever, the new album has him setting his sights elsewhere.

Alex, 32, revealed that the song is based on a real-life event he read about online.

He shared: “It was a news story that came out one day that I clicked on. It’s remarkable. I mean, it’s definitely the most surprising thing I saw that day. It flipped forward!”

Earlier this week, meanwhile, Alex admitted to being embarrassed by some of the band’s older lyrics.

The Arctic Monkeys released their debut studio album, ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’, in 2006 – but Alex winces when he looks back at some of his songwriting.

He said: “In preparation for going on tour, we flicked through some of our old records.

“There were a few lyrics that went by where I thought [wincing noise], ‘Don’t know what you were thinking there. Probably leave that one out now.'”

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